Cargo Delivery from Europe

If Tyou need to ship some goods from Europe and you are looking for a trustworthy carrier company with perfect reputation, Cargo Terminal Rimini is at your disposal! We deal with goods delivery from Europe, offering our customers complete range of services at every stage of logistic chain – from the factory-producer to the point of destination in Moscow.
The priority destinations for shipments are Italy – Russia and Germany – Russia. But at the same time, the geographical location of our office and warehouses allows us to consolidate and handle your shipments not only from Italy, but from all the other Europe zone countries, such as France, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, England, etc. The availability of sea ports such as Ancona, Trieste, Venice, Genoa allows us to manage the cargo, arriving by sea from all over the world.
We take responsibility to collect your cargo from any place in Europe.
Then the goods arrive to our warehouse in Italy or Germany, where they get consolidated and sent to Russia.