Custom Formalities

It is obligatorily for all the goods, crossing the border of Russian Federation to undergo the procedure of customs clearance. That is why proper registration of goods is one of the most important areas of any Russian company-importer’s activity. However it is not always efficient and feasible to create inside the company its own department consisting of highly qualified specialists. Very often less expensive solution is applying for the services of customs broker.

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Customs broker is a specific organisation, processing custom formalities for client-company and representing its interests in customs authorities. Solid experience and high qualification of Cargo Terminal Rimini specialists allow us to accomplish customs clearance and External Economic Activity formalities quickly and efficiently, offering professional advice for all related matters.

Stages of collaboration with customs broker:

Services, offered by Cargo Terminal Rimini, correspond to Russian and international legislation requirements completely. Our company bears responsibility before customers for security of consolidated shipment, time-efficiency and quality of its delivery.
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What is included in customs formalities for consolidated shipments

The process of customs registration consists of two stages:
1. Preliminary operations.

2. Main/Essential customs operations.
The goal is placing the goods, vehicles under specified customs regime conditions.
The main customs operations also consist of several stages of customs control:

2.1. Admission, registration and keeping record of customs declarations
2.2. Verification of goods codification according to FEACN of Russia and country of origin, and also observance of nontariff regulation measures.
2.3. Currency control and custom costs control
2.4. Duties payment control
2.5. Inspection and release of goods.