Cargo delivery from Italy

High quality of goods produced in Italy is recognized all over the world. Today many Russian companies become official importers of italian products in the territory of Russian Federation, that is why the question of cargo transportation from Italy is of high priority.

The delivery of goods from Italy is a very responsible task for Cargo Terminal Rimini.

Depending on the type of cargo, it is important to chose the optimal means of delivery, so that the goods could arrive to the place of destination safe and sound. It is especially essential if we speak about fragile objects and also about goods, requiring particular conditions of storage (temperature regime, humidity, etc.)
There are three main ways of transportation of cargo from Italy: by land (trucks), by sea and by air. Each of them has its own peculiarities. For example transporting cargo by trucks is less expensive than delivery by air, but it takes 10-14 days, which is three times more than delivery by air.

If you need an urgent delivery of consolidated cargo from Italy, air transportation will be the most suitable option. We operate shipments by air very fast: already in 3-4 days the shipment will arrive to its place of destination.

Transportation by sea is especially popular with the customers. This option is attractive due to efficient cost and conveniency.

Shipments from Italy to Russia are operated by vehicles from all main italian cities to any part of Russia, by sea – through the main ports of Italy and by air – through international airports of the country.

Our company takes the responsibility for safety of your cargo, that is why the representatives of Cargo Terminal Rimini tracking the shipment of consolidated cargo at all transportation stages, promptly solving any emerging issue.

After the arrival of cargo to Moscow we will select the best way to deliver it to any city of Russia, according to your requirements.