Air Transportation

Air transportation, or in other words, arranging delivery of goods using aviation, is one of the international cargo transportation areas of activity.
Cargo Terminal Rimini offers integrated solution for developing optimal route of air transportation from Italy, China and practically any place in the world, considering the needs of the customer and specification of goods, using direct and connecting flights.

If you are interested in delivery of goods by air, we propose the most convenient conditions!
Italy, Russia, China and the rest of the world – our geographical possibilities are wide.

Due to strong long-lasting partner relationships with the largest airline companies of the world we can offer you:

Shipments are operated using regular passenger and cargo flights, as well as charters.
Thanks to developed agent network around the world we are able to organize the shipment of your goods from the countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia to the airports in Italy, as well as to other European airports, and then to one of Moscow airports accordingly. This option is the most time-saving, though the most expensive. If necessary, we are ready to assist in customs clearance in Moscow, at the airports of Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo.

Our agents in the country of cargo dispatch will contact your supplier to organize the delivery of goods from supplier’s warehouse to the nearest airport, will provide consultation and clarification for all matters, and if necessary will process all documentation required for air transportation.

Truck Transportation

Truck transportation still remains the most highly demanded. Among the services, provided by Cargo Terminal Rimini, you can find truck transportation of goods from European countries to any part of Russian Federation. We also collaborate with major expedition companies in Russia and the Baltics.
Truck transport, offered by our company, completely satisfies the international standards, technical and ecological requirements. All the vehicles are upgraded and technically equipped by car tracking system.
Truck transportation is the most cost-efficient option of goods delivery.

In order to arrange truck transportation, our company implements the following aspects of work:

International sea shipping

One of the most profitable and cost-cutting option for cargo delivery is shipping by sea.
We can organize the shipment from China, South-East Asia, Chili, USA, Latin America.
Around 50% of goods are being delivered to Russia by means of sea container shipments, significant part of which is delivered to Baltic ports.

Due to high professional competence of Cargo Terminal Rimini, international sea shipments are delivered in the shortest time possible. The monitoring of the shipping process from the point of dispatch to the point of destination is guaranteed by our company. We have representatives in foreign ports, and this fact significantly simplifies the task. We also collaborate with such well-known container lines as MSC, MAERSK LINE, APL,CMA, we operate the shipments from China.

Our services include: